Launch and Love It Formula VIP Program


Launch & Love It Formula
VIP Program


The Launch and Love It Formula VIP Program is a coaching and training program that guides heart-centered CEOs through my 6-step Launch and Love It Formula - so that you can streamline your business’s marketing, find your ideal clients, and love your launch.

Over the 3-month VIP program, I’ll guide you through the Launch and Love It Formula, and we’ll apply it to your specific business and your launch.

At about 2/3 of the way through, you’ll go into active launch mode – and totally LOVE IT – because you’ll feel prepared and supported. You’ll ditch the overwhelm and feel a sense of predictability – not only for this launch, but for your next one, and the ones after that.

You will up-level your business, using each launch as another rung of the ladder.


Done for you marketing


Done-for-You Marketing


Are you ready to upgrade your DIY website to one that’s been professionally designed, with copywriting that converts?

I'll handle both your copywriting and website design - and all the technical shenanigans that you don’t even want to know about.

I follow a pretty slick design process that allows for intense work on your website, while giving you the space to give input and make the website your own.

Are you looking planning a launch, but need a “hands-off” approach to your marketing assets, so that you can be free to interact with your potential clients during the launch?

We’ll plan a launch strategy using The Launch and Love It Formula, and then you can step back as I develop all the marketing assets you’ll need for a smooth launch, which could include your sales page (copywriting and design), email sales sequence, social media graphics and copy, and more.


squarespace ask me anything


Ask Me Anything


Book in for 50 minutes and Ask Me Anything!

I could work on your Squarespace website with you, to accelerate your website development on Squarespace.

Or help you put together your StoryBrand BrandScript to clarify your marketing messages.

Or we can have a business strategy board meeting - Heart-Centered CEO to Heart-Centered CEO.

At the end of the session I’ll send you some notes and taeaways - as well as a few Action Items (a.k.a. homework).