Shelley Smith


Custom Campaign Kit


What new height do you want your business to reach?

Get there with a focused online campaign - and I’ll build you a Custom Campaign Kit with all the marketing assets you’ll need.

You’ll have a smooth and powerful campaign that will build your know-like-and-trust factor and accelerate your business up to the next level.


Squarespace Website Design


Done-for-You Website


For your ideal clients to know you, you need a website.

For them to like you, that website has to communicate your unique style, your vibe and your genius.

And for them to trust you enough to become your client, that website has to take them by the hand and guide them on the path to success.

That’s the kind of website I build - in just six weeks.

I'll handle both your copywriting and website design - and all the technical shenanigans that you don’t even want to know about.

I follow a pretty slick design process that allows for intense work on your website, while giving you the space to give input and make the website your own.

And I’ll set up all the tools and tech so that your website actually saves you time and works for you - rather than being a time sink or the reason you want to throw your laptop out of the window.




Square-Pair Coaching Session


You've decided that you want to DIY your website and you’ve chosen to use Squarespace.

Firstly, well done on choosing the best website builder for solopreneurs.

Now, if you want to really accelerate your progress on Squarespace, then let’s pair up in one of my Square-Pair Coaching Sessions.

I’ll work on your site with you (on a screenshare) for an hour. I’ll answer your questions and make suggestions for improving things like your site design, SEO, use of Squarespace features, and even copywriting.

At the end of the session you’ll get some Action Items (a.k.a. homework).

A Square-Pair session is $197 for 50 minutes and after your first session, you'll have the option of signing up for additional follow-up sessions at a discount. These are great if you'd like feedback on your Action Items, or if you'd like some ongoing support with your DIY website building.