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The Launch & Love It Formula
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Streamline your marketing.
Get clients.
Love your launch.

You love serving your people.
You love your business and the freedom it brings you.
But when it comes to marketing and launching your offer…

you’re feeling stuck.

Have you found yourself asking these kinds of questions:

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  • Should I be posting on Instagram or keeping up my 24-hour story cycle – or both?

  • What’s the best Facebook group to be a part of – or should I start my own?

  • Maybe I shouldn’t bother with social and rather focus on my email list?

  • I just have to spend more time updating my website…

  • And now what the heck is a sales funnel?!

In between all the marketing multitasking, you’ve still actually got to do the work you’ve promised your clients, tame that email inbox, and get dinner started (which you’ll do while listening to a podcast).

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And that’s about when the overwhelm sets in…


You’ve got you head down, working HARD, hustling – but the clients aren’t arriving as quickly as you’d hoped, and there are moments you start thinking that your offer isn’t good enough – or even that you aren’t good enough.

Not exactly the place you want your mind to be at when you’re marketing your business – amiright?

But the fact is that if you’re reading this, you have something to offer your clients that is a whole lot better than “good enough”.

You just need a process or a system to follow to get clients consistently.

A way to streamline your marketing – so that you can quit worrying about every new shiny marketing tactic that you “should” be using.

You need a marketing strategy that feels good for you and your business – not just a patchwork of random tactics copied from the “pros”.

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Overcoming overwhelm (without Hard Work Marketing!)


If we haven’t met yet - hi! I’m Shelley, and even though I am a website designer and copywriter, I have been known to get very overwhelmed with marketing tactics during my ten years of entrepreneurship.

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of an A-Type personality and I want everything that I put out online to be perfect. Or perhaps because I fall into Gretchen Rubin’s Rebel Tendency, I have never wanted to be beholden to one way of marketing my business.

But whatever the reason for my marketing overwhelm, my first response to it was to apply lots and lots of HARD WORK to the problem. I tried to do “all the marketing things” that the pros were doing. I now call this Hard Work Marketing.

And don’t get me wrong - I’m not averse to doing the work it’s going to take to achieve a goal (in fact I kinda love it!), but this Hard Work Marketing was aimless and lacked any kind of strategy - it was busy work.

It was like I was trying to water a bed of plants by making big splashes in a swimming pool a distance away. In the end, there was water everywhere – with only a few drops on the plants. And I was feeling exhausted (and a little bit silly) after having jumped and splashed around in the pool aimlessly.

I eventually realized that my Hard Work Marketing was not only unsustainable for myself and my family, it was also no fun – and certainly not the life I had in mind when I decided to start my own business.

What’s more, it was ineffective – it was not bringing me the ideal clients I needed - the clients I wanted to serve.

I needed to get clients consistently.

I needed a streamlined, strategic marketing process.

To continue my plant-watering analogy, I needed to stop splashing around and start building some kind of structure that would channel the water from the pool to the plants in the bed.

That’s when I started planning my business and marketing activities around launches.

Now, if you’re anything like I used to be, you probably think of “launching” as something only the celebrity entrepreneurs and bestselling authors do. It might feel pretty BIG, high-stakes, or even intimidating.

But I decided to think about launching differently – and today I’m challenging you to do the same. Because once I had this mindset shift, everything changed in my business.

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Marketing your business doesn’t have to be hard work.
You just need a plan.


In many ways, it feels like my eclectic mix of training and experience has culminated in my signature process, The Launch and Love It Formula.

When I guide my clients through the Formula, I bring my copywriting zone of genius, my website design and tech skills, the clarity of the StoryBrand Framework, my qualifications in education, and my heart for small businesses – especially those owned by mompreneurs.

It took quite a lot of experimentation before I came up with The Launch and Love It Formula, but now I have a predictable way of running my launches, getting clients, and streamlining my marketing activities.

And it’s not just me – my clients are mainly coaches and creative entrepreneurs – and they love the structure and consistency that the Launch and Love It Formula brings to their businesses.

In the three short months I worked with Shelley, my business turned around completely – more precisely I turned around completely. I used to have a lot of stress around the marketing of my business. Working with Shelley has taken away the stress and the frustration around how to market my business. I now have peace of mind, and the energy to do what I do best.
— Christi Christiaens, Health and Anti-Aging Coach
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Introducing The Launch and Love It Formula VIP Program


The Launch and Love It Formula VIP Program is a coaching and training program that guides heart-centered CEOs through a 6-step process for running a successful launch.

Over the 3-month VIP program, I’ll guide you through the Launch and Love It Formula, and we’ll apply it to your specific business and your launch.

At about 2/3 of the way through, you’ll go into active launch mode – and totally LOVE IT – because you’ll feel prepared and supported. You’ll ditch the overwhelm and feel a sense of predictability – not only for this launch, but for your next one, and the ones after that.

You will up-level your business, using each launch as another rung of the ladder.

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How will The Launch and Love It Formula VIP Program
put an end to Hard Work Marketing?

  • You’ll set a clear goal for your launch and let go of anything that does not get you to that goal.

  • You’ll identify your ideal clients and craft your messaging to appeal to them (and forget about the rest of the world’s population!).

  • You’ll develop an irresistible call-to-action for those ideal clients of yours and set up a system for drawing them in (that’s all a sales funnel is, by the way!).

  • You’ll check off the marketing assets you really need and prepare them in batches – hello focus!

  • You’ll use my predictable launch formula to map out your customized launch action plan.

  • You’ll reflect on your launch and learn from it, streamlining your marketing even further – for the next launch, of course!


What will you get as part of the Launch and Love It VIP Program?

  • 3 months of launching support

  • 1 one-on-one Startup Session (90 minutes)

  • 5 one-on-one Launch Coaching Sessions (50 minutes)

  • Unlimited email access to me for questions and support

  • Weekly check-ins via email or chat app

Plus these bonuses:

  • A Landing/Sales Page Copywriting Masterclass

  • Copyediting of your Landing/Sales Page (by me)

  • A Tech Tutorial on a super-affordable, but beautiful Landing Page Builder

  • A Tech Tutorial on how to use AirTable to plan out your launch

I came to Shelley with the inkling of an idea, but unsure how I should turn it into an offer, and therefore, unsure how to market it. Utilising Shelley’s expertise and support whilst working with her over a number of months, together we determined the offer, approach and structured a marketing plan and sales page. Shelley recommended having a single marketing focus on the program, with all marketing activity leading back to the program. This single focus was liberating in many ways, making the writing of blog posts and social media much easier as they were all on topic and aligned. Meaning the launch process was better than I’d imagined.
— Rowena Mabbott, Career and Life Confidence Coach

Apply for The Launch and Love It VIP Program


It all starts with a free, no-obligation 30-minute call, where you’ll tell me about where you’re at in your business, ask me any questions about the Launch & Love it VIP Program, and then you can decide whether the program is the right next step for you to up-level your business.

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One payment of


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Three payments of


Because this is a high-touch, customized program, numbers are limited. So if The Launch & Love it Formula VIP Program resonates with you, then book your call today.

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How will you see a return on your investment?


I know that The Launch and Love It VIP Program will be a significant investment in your business. And I use the word “investment” intentionally – not as a euphemism for price or cost or money! :)

Because it’s not only the money that you’d be investing in the program – it’s your precious time too.

But by making this investment in your business and in yourself, I believe you will see great returns. I believe this, because each time I have invested money into my own business, and matched it with an investment of intentional, focused time, I have seen incredible returns.

Here are some of the ways you’ll know you’re getting a return on your investment:

  • You save hours of time that you would have spent developing marketing assets in dribs and drabs – instead batch creating everything you’ll need for a smooth launch.

  • You feel confident about raising your prices, because you’re so clear on the transformation you can offer your clients.

  • Every time you sit down at your computer, you are crystal clear about what it is you need to do to run your successful launch – no more procrastination, no more feelings of overwhelm.

  • You’ll take your seat as the CEO of a heart-centered and thoroughly legit business, that’s up-leveling with every launch you run (and love!).

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How much is marketing overwhelm and Hard Work Marketing costing you?

  • How many ideal clients visit your website, only to bounce away because they’re not quite sure how you can help them?

  • How many hours are you spending on marketing tactics that aren’t serving your business?

  • How much money are you spending on ads, or tools and tech that aren’t right for your stage of business?

  • How many opportunities have you lost - and will continue to lose - because you’re unclear about your marketing and launching strategy?

  • How many more months are you going to wait before you launch your offer?

I don’t mean to be all doom-and-gloom by asking these kinds of questions, but I’ve paid many of the costs of marketing overwhelm and Hard Work Marketing. And I know that these things won’t only cost you inside your business - they will take their toll on your lifestyle too.

So today, I’m asking you to choose a different path for your business: The Launch and Love It Formula. And if you believe that my support is what you need to finally streamline your marketing, get your ideal clients, and run a launch you’ll love, then The Launch and Love It VIP Program is the best way to get that support - and I’d be truly honored to walk the launching journey with you.


Book your free, no-obligation call.