The Solopreneur's Campaign Plan

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If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the online marketing advice out there, the you’ll love the clarity and focus that The Solopreneur’s Campaign Plan brings to your unique business.

A campaign is a hyper-focused series of marketing and outreach activities that will give your business its next boost - no matter where you’re starting from.


It's Your time...

Let's build the website that takes you
from Side Hustler to Solopreneur CEO

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You're a solopreneur who is ready for action

The time for waiting around on the sidelines is over and you're ready to take your business to the next level.

You've realised that a good website is essential if you're going to be taken seriously as an online entrepreneur.

And you need that website up and running within the six weeks.

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Your website is going to have to work hard so that you can work smart.

Not only is your website going to have to attract your ideal clients, but it's going to have to turn casual visitors into email list subscribers - or ideally, into clients.


Your website needs to work when you're sleeping, when you're doing client work, and (I'd argue, most importantly), when you're living the ideal lifestyle you were aiming for when you started your own business.

That ideal lifestyle might involve playing with your kids, taking a regular yoga class, or sipping a glass of red wine while on a holiday you booked at the last minute....


If you're going to live the solopreneur dream, then your website needs to be that cuddly blanket that takes you off to dreamland.

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I'm Shelley.
I specialise in solopreneur websites.
I LOVE journeying with my clients as we build websites that showcase their wow-factor and sell their full-to-the-brim value.

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As an ambitious solopreneur myself, I understand the challenges that come with building and maintaining an effective website.


I know that if you choose to work with a designer, you want her to understand your business inside out.

You want clear communication throughout the website design process - from the initial briefing, through to the publishing and launching of the site.

If you've chosen to DIY your website, you need a website solution that is easy to implement - and that doesn't end up draining hours of your day (and have you pulling your hair out).

And how about some help and support that is customised to your website - even if you are DIY'ing it?

You certainly don't want to be fussing with boring technicalities like plugins and hosting, and security and updates.

But, it's your site, so you want control over it so you can publish blog posts, link to your calendar to get client bookings, and add that next content upgrade you've got up your sleeve.

I know that it's often (maybe always...?) difficult to express your true awesomeness and the incredible value that you offer to your clients in your website copy and messaging.

I know that you want a website that will set you up for success - so that you can DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO!


Want someone to walk with you as you create the website that's going to take your business to the next level?

Here's how I can help you on your journey to success.


Done-for-You Website

I'll set up your entire website on Squarespace - in just
6 weeks. Included in this package is a business blueprint strat session, website design, and copywriting.


Square-Pair Coaching

If you're DIY'ing, but could do with the help of someone who lives and breathes Squarespace - then set up a 1-hour Square-Pair Coaching Session with me.


Campaign Kit

And if your website is done, but you’re now ready to launch a freebie, a challenge, a new service, or a product, then let me put together a Campaign Kit full of all the marketing material you’ll need for a smooth and successful launch.

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Here's what Katie had to say about moving her website from WordPress to Squarespace and her Square-Pair Coaching Session with me.

My secret to a successful site transfer is… I didn’t do it alone.
My friend Shelley of Shelley Smith Creative is a Squarespace Designer with a wide range of talents. In fact, she’s probably got another 30 “creative” titles.
She helped me to do my research, make my decision, plan out my migration, and troubleshoot the [very few] issues that I came across. Shelley is definitely the reason I was able to make this change- in a week!
If you need to simplify your processes so you can get more done with less energy, I seriously want you to consider moving to Squarespace.
And if you’re still just thinking about it, I highly encourage you to sign up for her email list so you can get access to all of her upcoming resources. Shelley’s awesome and you’re gonna want to be a part of what she does.
— Katie Scott, The Lazy Source

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I love the work-at-home solopreneur life so much,
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