Shelley Smith

Heart Centered CEOs: Launch and Love IT

Eliminate Overwhelm | Love Your Launch | Up-Level Your Business

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Are you feeling overwhelmed about launching?

  • Trying to be on all the social media channels?

  • Feeling shy about your “small” email list?

  • Struggling to get clients?

  • Procrastinating about launching your offer?

  • Is your website making you cringe a little?

  • Battling to cope with all the moving parts of a launch?


I’m Shelley,

and because I wanted to put a stop to my own launch overwhelm and that of my website design clients, I developed:

The Launch and Love It Formula.

The formula will guide you through a launch you’ll love, a launch that you’ll learn from, and a launch that will up-level your business in ways that will delight you.

No overwhelm necessary - just clear, inspired action.

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The Launch and Love It Formula Starter Pack

Get your free copy of The Launch and Love It Formula Starter Pack

In it, you’ll learn my 6-step Launch and Love It Formula and use it to launch your coaching package, your first digital product, your lead magnet — or any valuable offer you have for your audience.

The result will be a launch process you’ll actually enjoy. What’s more, you’ll learn throughout, and you will up-level your business in a way that feels great.


3 Steps to a Launch you’ll Love

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  1. Download The Launch and Love It Starter Pack ^^ (my free gift to you).

  2. Plan your launch using the Starter Pack (it’ll take about an hour).

  3. Prepare your marketing assets - and start launching!

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 3 ways I can support your Launch

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Launch Pack

A launch strategy and all the marketing assets you’ll need to launch smoothly and with confidence - think a sales page, email templates, custom graphics, and more.

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Website Design

Your whole website, professionally designed and developed on Squarespace, including conversion copywriting and tech integrations.

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Launch Coaching

I’ll coach you through The Launch and Love It Formula, and support you as you apply the formula to your business and your launch.