Stop procrastinating and start launching the fun way:

Launch & Love it Formula Starter Pack
  • Cut through all the overwhelm of things you “should” be doing and set one clear aim for your launch.

  • Get laser-focused on the audience group you’re planning to connect with – and find out where they hang out.

  • Choose from a list of activation strategies to call your audience to action.

  • List the marketing assets you’ll need for your launch – using a quick tick sheet.

  • Create an action plan for your launch.

  • Reflect on your launch and conduct analysis that doesn’t feel like a chore.

  • Ditch procrastination and perfectionism and start your launch today.

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Here’s how The Launch and Love It Starter Pack is helping other heart-centered business owners…

Your guide was so incredible and it brought me to a HUGE realization! I was trying to do way too much! For some reason it felt like email marketing, my website, social media was all one strategy, and I needed to do it ALL at once to be successful. Your launch guide helped me separate these things as different strategies, and helped me simplify. Thanks for breaking it down for me, Shelley. You gave me a ton of clarity.
— Francesca Elizabeth Woltanski, Wellness Coach
The easy to follow content and instructions really hit the nail on the head! By following these simple, practical steps, it will definitely support me to be ready to launch.
— Rowena Mabbott, Career and Life Confidence Coach

Shelley Smith Creative

Hi, I’m Shelley,

I am a website designer, a copywriter, and a long-time solopreneur CEO. I love supporting other heart-centered CEOs by developing their full Launch Pack of marketing assets – which could include a whole new website, sales/landing pages, email templates, graphics, and a lead magnet.

I developed The Launch and Love It Formula when I noticed that my website design clients were struggling with launching their offers. And, truth be told, I was struggling with launching too. Marketing overwhelm, perfectionism, and straight-up fear were all getting in the way of me properly launching my offer - which was in turn getting in the way of me making an impact - or any money!

Now, with The Launch and Love It Formula, both my clients and I have a proven process to follow for each launch that we do — and we all can ditch overwhelm and procrastination. Yeah!

Get the Launch & Love it Starter Pack and start your launch today - with a feel-good plan to see it through.