Your Know-Like-and-Trust Website

For your ideal clients to know you, you need a website.

For them to like you, that website has to communicate your unique style, your vibe and your genius.

And for them to trust you enough to become your client, that website has to take them by the hand and guide them on the path to success.

That’s the kind of website I build - in just six weeks.

The 6-Week Website Plan

Week 1: Vision

  • We’ll have a 60-Minute Planning Session.

  • You’ll complete the Business Building Blueprint, which will form the basis for everything we do on your website.

  • I’ll set up a Landing Page on your new domain (if you don’t have an existing website).

  • If you’ve opted for the Visual Branding Add-On, then we’ll have a briefing meeting with the designer.

Week 2: Design and Copywriting

  • I’ll write each of the pages of the website, based on information you’ve provided in the Blueprint.

  • The designer will design the branding elements and prepare a style guide.

Week 3: Feedback on Design and Copywriting

  • You’ll give feedback on all the website copywriting that I’ve done.

  • You’ll give feedback on the branding elements.

  • The designer and I will implement your changes and finalise the copywriting and branding by the end of the week.

Week 4: Website Design

  • I’ll design the website in Squarespace.

  • I’ll set up the automations that are required e.g. email list signups, calendar bookings, etc

Week 5: Feedback on Website Draft

  • You’ll get a draft version of your website and give me your feedback.

Week 6: Finalise Website and Launch!

  • I’ll implement your changes and finalize your website.

  • I’ll take the website through my comprehensive launch checklist so it’s ready to rock!

  • I’ll record a series of training videos to show you exactly how to update and maintain your website - you’ll be empowered and fully in control.