In The Solopreneur’s Campaign Plan, you will:

The Solopreneur's Campaign Plan
  • Cut through all the overwhelm of things you “should” be doing and land on just ONE main priority for your business right now. (Ah… doesn’t that feel good?)

  • Plan a campaign around your one priority – with a clear campaign goal.

  • Choose a clear call-to-action.

  • Get laser-focused on the audience group you’re planning to connect with – and find out where they hang out.

  • List all the marketing assets you’ll need for your campaign – using a quick tick sheet.

  • Put together a clear campaign schedule of the exact tasks that will lead you to Launch Day!

  • Ditch any feelings of confusion or overwhelm and move forward confidently with your campaign.



Here’s how the planner is helping other solopreneurs…

The easy to follow content and instructions really hit the nail on the head! By following these simple, practical steps, it will definitely support me to be ready to launch.
— Rowena Mabbott, Career and Life Confidence Coach

Shelley Smith Creative

Hi, I’m Shelley,

I’m a website designer and campaign strategist for incredible, yet slightly overwhelmed solopreneurs. You can find me at

I help my clients to find the one priority that’s going to boost their business to its next level - and then I get to work developing all the marketing assets they’ll need to make their campaign a success.

The Solopreneur’s Campaign Plan is the framework I use to plan all of my clients’ (as well as my own) campaigns. I’d love to pass it on to you to help you plan your next campaign - just tell me where I should send it. :)